Best 50 Gradient Backgrounds For iPhone 2021

50 Gradient Backgrounds For iPhones

A variety of new collection of exclusive Gradient Backgrounds For Apple Phones or any other phone. Download the top 50 Gradient Backgrounds.

Download the best iPhones Gradient Backgrounds for free through the link that we are going to share with you at the end of this post.

Let’s go to this new collection of Gradient wallpapers For Apple iPhones. 

Top 50 Gradient Backgrounds For Apple Phones or any other phone

This amazing collection of 50 Gradient wallpapers comes for iPhone. But you can put it on the screen of any other phone, without any problem.

These iPhone Gradient Backgrounds come in different colours and a variety of excellent harmony, as it gives the user’s eyes great comfort with the feature of integrating harmonious colours.

All of these wallpapers come in high definition up to FHD. You can use these Gradient Backgrounds images as regular wallpapers or lock screen for your device.

The Most Beautiful 50 Gradient Backgrounds Samples

These samples may not be in full resolution, so we strongly advise you to download the Gradient wallpapers for iPhone or any other phone from the link at the end of this article for the highest resolution possible.

Download Gradient Backgrounds for Phones with a Direct Link

All details of the backgrounds link you’ll find down in the table. These gradient wallpapers will give your cell-phone a great new look. Follow us constantly to get the latest beautiful mobile wallpapers/backgrounds on our website.

Backgrounds are the best thing for making your mobile screen look better and fresh. With the passage of time and days, you will feel the desire to change something in your phone, and this is a natural feeling, especially when you are sitting on your phone for a few hours a day.

It is certain that you will feel bored with your phone screen. The only solution is to change the background of your mobile phone, and this is what we offer here on this wonderful site from a variety of official and varied mobile backgrounds for many new phones.

So if you want to renew your phone screen, check out the samples section below the article. Where this new set of backgrounds comes in the form of beautiful and very beautiful gradient colours. Do not miss the opportunity and download the whole package from one direct link from the Google Drive platform.

Size of File

700 Kb

No. of Backgrounds

50 Background

Resolution of  Backgrounds

1920×1080 pixels 

Download source

 Google Drive

Download Link



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